New Musik About To Hit Cally City

Tha Freestyle Shit Drops 9th May 2015


CMG Records Fast rising star is about to shock anyone who listens to this Melody which is droping soonest. Its amazing how much talent this teenage versitle artist has got to show the world. The release of his two single mixtape [Step Up & in the Morning] under the certified musik gang was 100% appreciated by anyone who got to hear them (except u’r just a bad belle which is allowed) LOL. This time he goes ahead to strike a combo with two of the most amazing rappers cally city has got to offer. This freestyle mixtape he has promised will be the last of its kind as he plans to get into the real thing. Lets not go into that. But meanwhile’ even without listening to this tune, his fans will conviniently tell you its dope. See where this kid will be in the next 3years. ANTICIPATE- THA FREESTYLE SHIT- Wirelezkid ft Don_geniuz x Swill. For bookings call 08170379016…..TeamCMG™


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