Lyrics of step up by wirelezkid

And when i step up in the club in the blog am the boss because ama bring the bi**hes dem close
And when i step up on the mic and i flow all the ladies all the niggas wana get down low
Cos am a fresh boy, you must know that and am jumping on the beat i just wanna let you know
And when i flow then you can stand up-stand up
When you feel the hip hop you can jump up-jump up
Aint rich aint famous
But we broke the rules and mudafuc**rs couldnt tame us
Coz the nigga made of gold so the man will neva fade off
I got a steady power flow my swagga never goes off
I got the stuffz, i got accesories
Last time that i checked my flows were weighing in calories
Rap acedemy
The rappers are afraid of me
They wanna get a taste of me
Thats what the bi*ch telling me
         Repeat chorus
They feeling fly they feeling spicy
But soon they gonna watch the nigga like a super diski
Like a dstv dish ama be on top of every roof
Higher than an elevator i no need no holy kush
OUch thats all the haters screaming when i pierce
They try to run me down but ama conquer all my fears
Trying hard to gain my grounds and be the one the next
And stop the plenty exercise but watch my muscle flex
Yes, i know the nigga gonna take the crown
But first, ama deal with all i can
Then, ama look into the mirror and
Tell the nigga there, my nigga you’r the best
Repeat chorus 2x

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